Auto Glass Service in Maine

We replace and repair windshields, back glass, door, side, mirrors, and truck sliders- all designed to ensure your safety and peace of mind on the road. Discover the most suitable auto glass solutions for your needs today.

Your Family’s Safety Can’t Wait

A compromised windshield blurs your view and jeopardizes your loved ones’ safety on the road. Properly installed windshields with quality adhesive are crucial for airbags to provide optimal accident protection. At Sunrise Glass, our well-trained technicians use the highest quality adhesive, ensuring your windshield stays in place and your family stays protected. Don’t compromise on safety – choose Sunrise Glass today!

Besides Windshield Replacement in Maine, We Also Offer:

Windshield Repairs (In-Shop Only):

Quick fixes for small “chips” or “dings” on your windshield. Cutting-edge resin restores clarity and strength. Get back on the road in no time.

Back Glass & Door Glass Replacements:

Seamless replacements for back glass and doors. Our skilled team ensures a perfect fit. Drive with confidence and safety.

Side and Rear Mirror Replacement/Repair:

Expert mirror solutions for clear visibility. Drive with peace of mind. Trust our technicians’ precision and care.

Truck Sliders:

Enhance your truck’s utility with durable sliders. Enjoy easy access and improved ventilation. Enhance your trucking experience.

Windshield Repair or Replacement? Trust Our Expertise

If your windshield has small “chips” or “dings” that are smaller than a quarter, our cutting-edge ultraviolet-cured plastic resin can swiftly restore its integrity. For larger damages that obstruct your line of vision or if you have multiple “chips,” consider a replacement.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel when driving with a perfectly installed windshield, expertly replaced by Maine’s top glass professionals. Your journey becomes clearer, your loved ones safer, and your driving experience truly enhanced.


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