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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to replace a windshield?

It typically takes 1.5-2 hours to replace a windshield. Keep in mind all vehicles are different. If the vehicle has a lift kit or any pre-existing damage, it can take longer.

The longest part of the replacement is the wait time for the urethane. We have found the best results come when the urethane cures for an hour after the windshield is in place.

Do you have my windshield in stock?

We have the most common vehicles and commercial vans in stock. We often get these cars on the same day. For all other windshields, we can get most within 24 hours of your call.

Will you replace my inspection sticker, parking permit, etc.?

Yes, in some cases, stickers do tear. We always try our best to put things back exactly as you had them.

Do I need to be present to wait with my vehicle?

No, you do not need to be present when we replace your windshield, but we do need the following:

  • We need the vehicle to be unlocked with keys available for the technician.
  • If using insurance, we need you to sign your name on a paper permitting us to bill your insurance company.

My rearview mirror is attached to my windshield. Will you reattach it?

Yes, we remove your rearview mirror and attach it to your new windshield.

Can you come out in any weather to replace my windshield?

If you have a heated garage with space for our technician to move around the vehicle, yes! However, in the winter and during inclement weather, we only schedule windshield replacement in our shop.

We need the temperature warm enough for the urethane and molding to be pliable. We may not be able to replace your windshield on a rainy day. We don’t want the vehicle’s interior to get wet when the windshield is removed.

Can you guarantee the chip or crack will be invisible after the repair?

No, the repair process does not always make the damage disappear. The main purpose of a repair is to keep the glass from cracking further. Most repairs improve the cosmetic appearance of the chip.

Can you guarantee the chip or crack will not get worse during the repair?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the repair process, the windshield may crack further. We do guarantee that successful repair will not chip or crack further. In the unlikely event that the repaired crack gets larger, we will credit the repair cost towards the purchase of a new windshield.

Can you fix the sunroof in my car?

No, we only repair and replace windshields, back glass, and side windows.

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